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An intercom (intercommunication device), is a stand-alone voice communications system for communicate within a building, room to room, small collection of buildings. The intercoms function independently of the telephone network.

There are simple house intercoms and intercoms developed for collective apartments. Some are equipped with video, and its wiring (electrical installation), can be connected to the outside with few pairs (4-6 pairs) while controlling an electric strike. The last generations are even compatible with computers and some models include TCP/IP.

Intercom Systems– Intercom is excellent security system designed for home or business and is used to keep away unwanted visitors in or around your home. Intercom can be setup on near front gateway and becomes communication device for talking to visitors.

Intercom Systems Types:

  • Wireless Intercoms
  • Video Intercom
  • Voice-Only Intercoms
  • Music Intercoms

Intercom Systems Can Be Used As:

House intercom system wireless, door entry intercom systems, video intercom system for home, doorbell video intercom, gate intercom system, audio video intercom, room intercom system.

We have a complete selection of home intercom systems wired and wireless. If you are not sure what you need, let our intercom experts help you for making selection.

Why Not Upgrade to a Home or Office Intercom?

Intercom systems help you identify visitors either audibly and/or visually (depending on the intercom) and you will be less likely to miss visitor calls. This is one of the key reasons home and business owners have been increasingly installing intercom systems in the Gauteng region. Our client’s have benefited by effectively controlling access to their premises.

Why not contact us now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a new intercom solution customised to suit your home or business.