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Dstv Installation

DStv Explora Installation

Connecting the DStv Explora to the Satellite dish. If using the DStv Smart LNB, connect the decoder directly to the UniCable™ output of the LNB. If using a Twin or Quad LNB, a multiswitch or DStv Switch is required. Please contact us, your preferred DStv Accredited Installer for more info.

Weth well equiped and well trained installers, our Explora installers supply a high quality installation. The installation includes:

  1. 80cm dish,
  2. 15m cable,
  3. Smart LNB.
  4. Standard wall bracket
  5. 1 hr of labour,

DStv Extra View

Did you know that you can have access to DStv ExtraView channels, and not need a DStv ExtraView wiring diagram?

With DStv Xtra view channels, you can watch sport in the lounge, while the younger kids watch cartoons in the bedroom and the older ones watch movies in the TV room. XtraView is guaranteed to keep the whole family happy.

The recommendation for most XtraView installations is a 80cm dish and a DStv Smart LNB. Some XtraView installations may require a quad LNB together with a DStv Switch.

DStv Communal Systems

Communal DSTV installations – SMATV, MATV installers in Johannesburg

Communal Dstv installation for areas with large settlement or gated community. This kind of installation is cheaper in the long run in that not every resident has to set up there own dish systems. Owners of large Multi unit dwelling buildings or residential can do this to have their buildings to have a wire and dish clutter free building. Tenants are well assured of low Dstv installation costs.

With property trends increasingly reflecting a growing popularity in communal living, we offer apartment blocks, townhouse complexes and commercial businesses a range of services to ensure cost-effective and reliable TV, radio and satellite reception. With our communal installations, multiple units can receive quality signal and satellite transmission. With minimal wiring and shared aerials and satellite dishes, costs are kept as low as possible, without compromising on quality or reception.

SATTECH SA offers expert advice and installation for the following:

  • Design input in the pre-construction phase of a communal residential estate or a commercial business property
  • Installation during the building phase
  • Upgrades and installation at existing properties
  • Extension of existing systems and installations to accommodate HD

HDMI Over Cat6

Hd Signal was generally distributed used Cat6 Cable. The HD converters had min ranges from about 30m up to about 120m and was brand dependant. As the technology improved, Hd over Coax is now available as  well but your tv’s should have built in digital tuners. Where digital tuners are not available on the TV, external tuners can be installed.

HDMI Matrix allows multiple HD devices to connect to an Hdmi splitter and then that signal can be distributed over Cat 6. If 3 HD decoders, 1 x Playstation and a Blueray player are installed through a matrix and that signal is distributed to 4 rooms then those 4 rooms can choose to view any of the 5 devices.

Essentially, A matrix is an HDMI Splitter with multiple HD Inputs

They generally come in 4×4 , 8×8, 16×16 …

A 4×4 HD Matrix translates into 4 HD Inputs and 4 HD Outputs